Diane Cordner
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Diane Cordner who was born in Canada on June 16, 1952 and passed away on July 12, 2006 at the age of 54. We will remember her forever in our hearts and memories.

 We miss you Diane

Tributes and Condolences
I'll miss our chats   / River Curtis-Stanley (friend, unmet face to face )
Diane and I chatted from time to time via IM, and I came to respect her wisdom as well as honor her compassion. She certainly showed that compassion in reaching out to my beloved daughter who, like me, is a rape survivor. Diane gave my daughter anoth...  Continue >>
I miss you each day   / Rachel Grace (Friend)
Diane was there for me when nobody else was. She helped me through the first steps of my healing journey, and made me realize that life was worth living. She is a source of inspiration to me when I am weak, and I know, that even though she cannot ema...  Continue >>
In loving memory of a gentle soul   / Jodee Austin (a friend whose life she changed )
you were an angel in my life and you taught me that no matter what had happened or how bad you felt, somebody could help you see the light...you were a candle that was taken way before her time...my life just isn't the same since you aren't in it any...  Continue >>
Howls on the wind for you, Diane   / Kate H. (Friend)
You were more than just a close friend. You were an inspiration, a reminder to live life to the fullest, to live without regret. Though your past haunted you, you stood up against it after so many years, and refused to back down.

You were ...  Continue >>
*love*  / Lina (a friend she never met )
As i said on the candle, i didnt know Diane, i only knew of her through hearing about her from Haullie.This page is a wonderful tribue to someone who sounds like she was a caring, sweet and genuine angel.I'm sure she will live on in the hearts of tho...  Continue >>
I love you  / Tamarisk Aka Tie_my_wrists (Diane's Princess )    Read >>
Diane, our soul mother  / Haullie Free (Close Friend )    Read >>
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Her legacy
She always resched out to the inner children  

The one thing I love about Diane among many loves, is that she helped survivors of child abuse. She had a way about writing that reached out to the hearts of those who have been victimized by this crime and she made us all feel like we could reclaim our lives again. She left behind a huge legacy. She was our soul mother because she nurtured the little ones within us and gave them all a place in her world, a world that was filled with peace, hapiness......and rainbows!

Thank you Diane for giving my little girl inside a voice again.

What She Loves  
In Diane's Words...

"I luv music, babies, gentle people, honesty..definitly a born again flower child!"
Diane's Poem - Poetry was her legacy  
'The Teardrop Tells The Story'
By: Diane Cordner

If you could catch one teardrop
and take a look inside
You would see the story
horrors of the child

The death of the spirit
somehow she still survived
Pay attention to the story
the teardrop never lies

Don't talk to me of "false dreams"
Don't tell me that we lie
No child can dream up horrors
that we keep inside
Fragmentation of the spirit
anything to survive
The child that lives inside us
the tears that she cries
If you could catch one teardrop
and see the pain inside
If you would hear the story

Don't talk to us of "false memories"
the teardrop never lies
Hear the children weeping
take a look inside
Stop the horrors of the night time
Make the monsters cry

If you could catch one teardrop
of thoughs who did survive
the horrors of our childhood
the pain all of us hide
If you could see the story

Reach out to the survivors
who are reaching for you
We need you to BELIEVE us
to share in our pain
Let us know you believe us
If you could catch one teardrop
and take a look inside
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Diane Cordner
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